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Know anyone with an RV that they are willing to give up for a great cause and a tax deduction?
Share this video and help find a free RV for the mobilehomecoming project

We are grateful to SONG (Southerners of New Ground) for supporting our grassroots fundraising. Your tax-deductible donation of $100 or more will directly support the work of the Mobilehomecoming. Check Payable to: SONG Note MobileHomecoming in the subject line.

You can donate to our project with your credit card or paypal account.

Make a donation to the A Black Queer Mobile Homecoming - An Immersive Archive

1) Click DONATE.
2) Enter an Amount.
3) Click Continue.
(or login to your paypal account).
4) Follow instructions to finish your transaction. You’re Done!

Black Feminism Lives!

Watch, share, enjoy, repost!  If you’d like to purchase a DVD version to use in your classroom (and to support the MobileHomeComing Community Documentation and Education Project email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com!

Check out these love based models of radical organizing!

Southerners on New Ground (SONG: Organizing Anti-Racist, Anti-Poverty, Queer Organizing in the South!

Not only does SONG make space for love and connection everyday, they (we) are building a network to train organizers in the southeast to be fluent in the langauge of love as action. Look out for SONG’s upcoming organizing school (Fall 2007) and click here for info on SONG’s current programs!

UBUNTU: Women of Color/Survivor Led Coalition for Sustainable Transformative Love and the End of Gendered Violence

nothing for grantedIn 1979 in response to 12 murders of black women in Boston in the space of three months, the Combahee River Collective (mission statement exerpted here…email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.comfor an educational full copy) created and self-published a document about violence against black women and created a series of creative artistic public demonstrations affirming the right of all women to live. In 2006 in response to verbal, physical and ideological violence against women of color and sex workers and people who have survived sexual assault in Durham North Carolina UBUNTU in partnership with Men Against Rape culture created and self-published a document on how to support survivors of sexual violence. Download this and other UBUNTU brilliance here and use it your communities!

SpiritHouse: Serving Black Communities With Radical Creative Arts Programming

Such as:Choosing Sides: Engendering Peace-From Banging to Organizing for Change

International Black Youth Summit (A Love Production Site)


To learn more about the International Black Youth Summit, find out about amazing youth leaders, see sample activities, get involved and support youth-led community work all over the world visit www.loveproduction.wordpress.com (because making love IS transformation).

Cure This: www.curethis.org

A health justice collaborative website. Check it out!

The Coup Magazine: Poetic Realism from Black Women in the Diaspora

Check out Alexis’s review of Meshell Ndgeocello’s new joint! http://www.thecoupmagazine.com/content/view/86/47/

Oakland LEAF: Making Love in the East Bay

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4 03 2008

Song- moving and colourful! Looking out for more.

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