Be Bold. Be Re(a)d.: Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Podcast #4

30 10 2009

3 years ago women of color came together and transformed terror on Halloween, declaring October 31st Be Bold Be Red Day, a day for women of color and allies to speak out against violence against women.  And 30 years ago women of color came together to respond to violence in the same critical and poetic spirit.

Towards the world the we all deserve, fully transformed from the misogyny and internalized racism we face in popular music to the frightening expendability of the lives and bodies of women of color this podcast places the brave voices of women telling the truth about gendered violence over the remixed sounds of Miles Davis.  This year we take every sound back, starting with our own voices and the background that seeks to silence them.

Listen with your community, your class, your friends, your study group, your church, your crew, pass the link on or listen by yourself and see, hear and wear red.

listen here

or download here:

Pauli Murray: Gendered Impossibility

13 10 2009

Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Presents:

pauli murray as "the imp!"pauli murray as “the imp!”

This November, in honor of the 99th birthday of Durham’s own Black Feminist, Civil Rights Lawyer, Radical Preacher Pauli Murray Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist, Southerners on New Ground and the Pauli Murray Project present:

Gendered Im(p)ossibility: A Conversation Through Photographs

Drawing on a number of photographs of Pauli Murray from the Schelsinger Library and featuring audio from an interview with Pauli Murray, this promises to be a rich conversation.

Please join us on Monday November 2nd

at 6pm

at Lex’s Inspiration Station

and please bring a dish to share!

See you there!



Eternal Summer Podcast: Sunday Morning/In Your Hands

8 10 2009


Because it takes a whole month to prepare for the day of the dead.  Because some of us have to create eclectic Sunday morning rituals to hear our own truth.  Because I want you to have this for when you need it.  This podcast is based on letters from my black feminist ancestors. For more about the “In Your Hands” project check out

I hope this piece grounds you and reminds you where you are from.  You can save it for Sunday or you can listen right now.

Much love,


in your hands podcast


You can also see video of the In Your Hands Project at Beloved the Mangos with Chili Day of the Dead celebration on November 7th in the San Francisco Bay Area and participate in an installation at the conference of Ford Fellows in Newport Beach California this coming weekend!