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BrokenBeautiful Press is a free and freedom-producing portal for collective expression and community transformation. Scroll down to find new ways of breaking/making your light open:

for michelle lanier

Make Time:

rendezvous Learn about our upcoming events and come through!

Make Space:

moment of arrival Participate in our interactive web-communities. Writing circles, listening projects, curriculum builders and more!

Freedom is Free:

seance for phillis wheatley

Get free downloadable community resources to activate critique.

***Click here to download a worksheet by Ebony Noelle Golden and Alexis Pauline Gumbs called “My Stuff:Healing With Attitude” based on Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls****

Make Change:

Picture 1

Get our limited edition interactive publications through donations to Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind community projects. 

Make Sense:

born in juneFind examples of community organizing based on radical love

and connect up!

Make Way:

bettertospeakopenfloor.gif The World is My Runway (Fly) Do-it-Yourself Couture

Feast your minds on our two new spiritual embodiment lines dedicated to June Jordan and Audre Lorde

Make My Day:

mined Learn all about Brokenbeautiful Press founder Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Look out for Alexis in the upcoming issues of Kweli, Reverie, Vinyl and Make/Shift

See you soon!


BrokenBeautiful Press

14 responses

8 04 2007
tigera consciente

The digital collages are tight. As a photography teacher who teaches film photography, I could definitely see this as a way to teach digital work. Thanks for visiting my blog. Much props to your vision here.. looking forward to seeing it grow!

9 04 2007

Just visiting and enjoying your work. Beautiful Site.

23 05 2007

I love collage its my favorite medium of art right now soon I’ll post some of my work until then I’ve decided to m@ke some love BAY AREA women you’re invited to my birthday party…check out the site @ http://www.myspace.com/dalovemovement

25 05 2007
Sara P

I remember looking for this site last year when I was bursting with the seams, dying to express what I was feeling inside. I’m glad I found it — I guess I was a little off on the url. Beautiful site…

27 05 2007

these are beautiful. We are always looking for cover art for http://www.femtap.com editions. Look the site over and see if you want to contribute, we’d love to review something. 🙂

13 06 2007
Ms. E. Clipse

I am soooooooo loving this page. It is mentality stimulating. Have a great day.

18 09 2007

cool site:) can’t wait to peruse through it some more!

7 11 2007
alicia banks


i love your work!

eloquent fury

7 03 2008


3 09 2008

ART.. Beautiful ART… ART I Love… Art I have found… right here this very moment..

You Created it; I love iT…


9 04 2009

wow! i love this space [all of it] and i’m happy to have found you.

4 02 2010
Claudia Moss

Love your site, Lex! Just learned of it tonight, via Tawanna Sullivan on Facebook! Would like to have an e-conversation with you on several creative irons in the fire.
Claudia Moss

22 05 2010

moving work and ideas.

5 09 2010

I love visiting this site. The ideas, art, words – they are all so inspiring and nourishing to my spirit. Keep up the awesome work!

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