MotherOurselves Materials: New Gifts for Monthly Sustainers!!!!

25 01 2011

Happy January beloved and far-flung supporters of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind!!!!!!

Since it is a beautiful new year…we have a beautiful new gift for our beloved Eternal Summerian monthly sustainers!  All existing Eternal Summerians and all NEW monthly sustainers who sign up before the end of the month will receive their very own  digital copies of crucial priceless curriculum materials from the MotherOurselves Bootcamp:

*The MotherOurselves Manual (including the mother ourselves manifesta, playlist, activity station descriptions and a 5 cycle meditation of release including direct quotes from across Lorde’s body of work…especially Eye to Eye: Black Women Hatred and Anger.

*The MotherOurselves Meditation/Dance Party Mixtape: guide yourself or your group through the cycles of meditation and release with music, poetry and the mesmerizing sound of my voice 🙂

AND Eternal Summerians who sign up at levels of $20 or more will receive hardcopies of both the Manual and the Mixtape (well CD actually) and a one of a kind collage in the mail!!!

Hooray!!!!!  Sign up today or on payday!  Thank you for making another year of inspiration possible!!!!