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Participate in our interactive online communities. Who said long-distance relationships couldn’t change the world?

Community Education:

Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind
In Durham, North Carolina (aka vanguard city, center of the universe) a growing, diverse and beautiful group of folks have gathered in the name of black feminism. With delicious potlucks to discuss key essays by black feminists, fieldtrips to hear black feminist poetry, and more we are acting on our faith that the radical work of visionaries like Claudia Jones, Angela Davis, June Jordan can inform and transform our city and our lives. And like-minded devotees in Chicago, DC and other cities have joined in. Follow along, find out about upcoming events and download free reading material at www.blackfeministmind.wordpress.com

Combahee Survival: A Movement Revival:
In 1977 a crew of radical black socialist lesbian feminists wrote a document that changed the landscape of social justice forever. More than 30 years later young black feminists are tracking the survival of the analysis of interlocking oppressions and holistic transformation that the members of the Combahee River Collective stood for in the progressive community at large. The Combahee Survival Project is a dispersed community education project that shines light on and nurtures the seeds of a radical intersectional approach all over our social justice movement. Go to www.combaheesurvival.wordpress.com to see poetic activities that draw on the words of the original statement, examples from community organizers who are still wrestling with the issues the collective raised and worksheets to use in your community, and look out for the Survival/Revival activity of the week brought to you by BrokenBeautiful Press all summer long!

Love Harder: Women of Color Working it Out

This is a reading group specifically designed for women of color in different communities to respond to the complicated matrix of oppressions that face us by loving each other even harder, with more intention, focus and specificity.  We will be reading, gathering locally and posting our insights at www.loveharder.wordpress.com every season.  Fall 2009 we are reading Andrea Smith’s essay about the three pillars of white supremacy.  Comment on the blog or email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com if you want to participate!

Impulsive Acts: The Art of Community Healing

— Activities, Workshop Curriculums…choose your own anarchist moment of possibility.

pressed for knowledge


Habit Forming Love: The Video Project:
They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so your girl Alexis decided to cultivate the habit of loving herself and her people (you!) fully, bravely, loudly and proudly. What better habit could there be? Experimenting with (and teaching herself) the art of internet video production and sharing she created videos of love for self, love in community and growing love for her sweetheart. Now it’s your turn! Go to www.habitforminglove.wordpress.com
to browse Lex’s videos and make your own!

SPEAK: Action Alerts from Radical Women of Color Worldwide– Updated action alerts from Radical Women of Color all over the world. Get involved with announcements about direct actions as well as online mobilizations.

What it Look Like?! -The world we want is already here. Can you see it? Watch these inspiring videos of community in action and add a video that shows the beauty and brilliance of your community!

workin’ on it!

In Your Hands: Letters from Ancestors
Alexis started the year with a life-changing, spirit-humbling process of receiving letters from black feminist ancestors who gave loving advice, welcome reminders and sometimes difficult challenges and lessons. Read letters from Audre Lorde, Octavia Butler, Lydia May Gumbs (lex’s grandma), Toni Cade Bambara and more at www.motherourselves.wordpress.com and add your own letters about your communication with your chosen and familial ancestors.

It’s Spring! Anything is possible, even you and the life-changing love that makes your spirit tingle and grow.

Quirky Black Girls: Because Audre Lorde looks different in every picture ever taken of her. Because you make up your own meanings of “black” and “girl” every day by living. Make a profile, join the conversation and bask in the bright brilliance of Quirky Black Girl Productions!

****NEW***** Enjoy and contribute to Quirky Black Girls Magazine!

Summer of Our Lorde:

Because it is better to READ! This Summer BrokenBeautiful Press presents Summer of Our Lorde: Radical Study and Intentional Healing. Summer of our Lorde is a study group/community building project inspired by the work of black lesbian feminist mother warrior poet Audre Lorde. Read along!

Letters to Audre Lorde: Born in an Africana Women’s Studies course at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, this is a love movement across space and time inspired by your favorite black lesbian feminist mother warrior poet.

Audre Lorde and Elizabeth

SpiritBloom: An Overflowing Space to Meditate on the Intersections of Religion, Spirituality and Progressive Organizing


Love Production: Sustainable Autonomous Youth-Led Community Building

(A Project of the International Black Youth Summit)


Kitchen Table: Women of Color Pressed to Express

–In honor of the radical feminists of color of the 1970-80’s this page features insight from misbehaving colored girls past and present.

bhopal image

Photosynthetic Poetics: A virtual writing group!

Participate in weekly love letter exercises and read ours!


I am from NOW!: Building community by re-writing and re-writing one poem.

Heart Map

Where you at?

The Listening Project: A Poetics of Relation–A Visual Model of Learning as Love.

moment of arrival

To Be A Problem: Outcast Subjectivity and Black Literary Production A Free Online Course

to be a problem image

Such a F**king Problem: Conflict as a Point for Conversation

This site is an experiment in the possibility of self-expression without the safety of norms. Created by a decidedly UN-likeminded team of bloggers led by POMK, this site even has a space for you to deposit your ignorance! The perfectly imperfect place to practice your bravery. Start now!

Official Procrastination Stations:

BrokenBeautiful Press on Myspace!–You Know You Want to Be Friends With Us!

BrokenBeautiful Press on Facebook–Making Time to Procrastinate Since…

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6 responses

28 03 2007

I Love Love Love Love Love this site. I think its wonderful whats going on here. I’m gonna tell everyone I know about this site and add it to my links so people can easily find you. KUDOS! I will participate often.

11 05 2007

Alexis, I really like the collage art that you have on this website. Did you do it yourself?

12 05 2007

Thanks! Yest I did make the collages …except for the one that goes along with the UBUNTU description on the “Make Sense” page. That brilliant piece is by Tema Okun…a durham based artist/educator/everything.

21 08 2007


You have a very nice site and good guestbook, thank you.


18 08 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! That is all that can be said.

6 01 2011


Fabmexicana turned me on to your blog…just wanted to let you know que estoy enamorada con tu trabajo en este blog tuyo (translation: just wanted to let you know that i am in love with the work you have done on your blog/self) mil gracias (a million thanks) for sharing yourself with the world and for the love and support you give my dearest comrade in life-fabmex. (also-hope you don’t mind i linked your blog to my own…if you prefer i do not, just let me know 😉

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