Radical Love: This is What it Looks Like

26 03 2008

workin’ on it!

Another world is not only possible, it’s already here, working and growing in our communities. Can you see it? Brokenbeautiful Press is proud to announce the launch of our new community video portal “What it Look Like” featuring the radical, subversive, beautiful and challenging work of community building made visible.

“What it look like?” is a homegrown question about where we are (going). We ask “what it look like?” to begin a conversation, assess a situation and open ourselves to possibilities. This new interactive space is about the BrokenBeautiful possibility of connecting our communities, remembering what we already know how to do, and firmly forgetting the corporate media’s shuck and jive.

For example…check out this video about womyn of color and allies coming together in Boston!

Click here to view more videos and email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com to add your home-made videos, slideshows or photos of your community in action to the site.

BrokenBeautiful WorldWide!

3 03 2008



I’m bragging right now. BrokenBeautiful Press is THRILLED to announce that following up of the uses of BrokenBeautiful Press’s workbook Emergency Broadcast in the West Bank and in a taken over building turned community school in South Africa and in Top Hill, Jamaica’s community rebuilding project….the BrokenBeautiful Press..Pressed for Knowledge in-the-moment zine making project has influenced an amazing zine making project for the amazing folks at the Shakti Center in Chennai, India…challenging the ways we all think about gender and sexuality through local community based organizing. See shakticenter.org!

Stay fly, wherever you are…