9/8 Sassafrass Saturday Salon #1: We Proffer Hope and Food to Eat: With Visionary Guest Chefs Kifu Faruq and Nicole Campbell

31 08 2012

Saturday Sept. 8th at 3pm

Inspiration Station (email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com for directions)
Durham, NC 27703

Continuing Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind’s work with Ntozake Shange’s classic novel Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo, we present the Sassafrass Saturday Salon.    Sassafrass is an oldest daughter, a weaver, and a visionary, she designs her home in reverence to revolutionary ancestors, she breathes yoga while she cooks spinach,  and her mantra is “Creation is everything you do.  Make something.”

Sassafrass is also struggling to leave an abusive relationship with another visionary artist and walking through a spiritual journey to become a mother and to return to herself.   The Sassafrass Saturday Salon is a loving, eclectic sacred space specifically for women and genderqueer folks OF AFRICAN DESCENT/ASCENT to gather and engage in the Sassafrass arts of cooking, crafting, breathing, singing and stretching.

We know that these gathering, while building the healing resource of black genderqueer people and women as kindred is also an offering to our ancestors to bring energy and transformation to all of us who are healing from past, present or intergenerationally held abusive relationships.

RSVP to brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com  if you can come and I’ll consult with our chefs about a delicious ingredient that you can bring!

9/6 Black Feminist Film School Screens Suzanne Suzanne

27 08 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

at Duke University FHI Garage Smith Warehouse Bay 4 114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27708-0403

In 1982 Camille Billops made what history now considers her first film. Her family was her subject, her object, that which she objected to, which is another way of saying I believe she made this film because she believed in the possibility of healing, or because she believed in the possibility of community and knew where to start first, what not to skip.

Join the Black Feminist Film School crew for a screening and discussion as part of our year long dialogue about what makes a Black Feminist Film and get info about our schedule of screenings and production workshops this Fall!

Rebirth: Help Lex Become Your Newest Community Accountable Black Feminist Doula!

27 08 2012

from Lex and her mom’s new project:  Dynamic Dou: A Mother/Daughter Doula Team


“54. everyone is waiting
to see what great thing
you’ll do next.” -from Wishful Thinking by Alexis Pauline Gumbs


Following in Pauline’s footsteps, Alexis will be participating in the International Center for Traditional Childbirth’s Full Circle Doula training Nov 1-4th in Dallas, TX.  Yay!!!!

From Lex:

When I was born my mother, like many young mothers of color, was forced to have an unnecessary c-section.  This was an act of disrespect by doctors who put their convenience over my family’s wishes and it did not honor the way my mother and I wanted to come into each others lives.  What would have been different if there had been a black feminist doula (or two) at the scene of my birth affirming my mother’s power?   My journey to become a doula and especially to do doula work together with my mother is a major act of healing.  It is my intention that every child will one day be born into a world where the magic and power of black women is revered and respected at every moment!  It is also a necessary act of revisiting my own birth that I see as a crucial part of my journey to become a mother someday soon! 🙂

Becoming a community supported doula is a dream coming true and a wish about to be fulfilled.  DO you believe that the world will be better with our mother/daughter doula project?  Do you believe in the power of a black feminist love evangelist poet facilitator in the birthing room?  Then YOU are part of the community that I am accountable to!
I am looking for 57 people to donate any amount that feels right to them as an affirmation of the necessity and power of this work we are doing together to rebirth the world!  Each donor will receive an original collage based around the 57 wish poem  Wishful Thinking.   I appreciate your support and your love!  Spread the word!  And donate here:




Pocket Poetry Prayer Meeting #1: Phillis Wheatley

21 08 2012

In the tradition of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Potluck Series and the Queer Black Sunday School process of sacred reclamation we will gather in the name of Phillis Wheatley for a reflective, meditative writing session at


Sunday August 26th

at the Inspiration Station II (email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com for directions)

Together we will create and share poems dedicated to the eternal survival of Phillis Wheatley and all that is too strong in its smallness, to brilliant in its blackness and too complicated to die.

From our poems we will produce a box-set of tiny origami books of poem to send into the world as evidence and more invitation of how words in the hands of a small black woman are no small thing at all.

Please bring a pen and your journal and some Sunday delicious food to share 🙂