13 06 2012

So honored!

Digital Sisterhood Network (DSN)

Meet Digital Sisterhood Leader Alexis Pauline Gumbs, a queer Black feminist troublemaker from Durham, North Carolina. Alexis Pauline established the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind educational program and co-created the Mobile Homecoming experiential archive, amplifying generations of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Black brilliance.

The Digital Sisterhood Network wishes Alexis Pauline a very happy belated birthday (June 12)! Enjoy your big 3-0!

1) How can people find you online?

2) Why did you start using social media?

I started using social media back in the days of Black Planet, but someone else created my account and my name. I think I got to college at just the moment when people decided it was easier to chat on instant messenger than to walk down the hall.  I really amped up my digital media use when I started…

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3 Big Decades——> 3 Tiny Books by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

13 06 2012

I’ve decided to celebrate 30 years of being a teeny tiny poet by amplifying my poetic work in a big grown up way.   You now have the opportunity to buy one, or two or three or several tiny origami folded poetry books by yours truly as part of my fundraiser to publish my chapbook Such Rainbows a series of love poems to my inspired community edited by Mai’a Williams!  Poetry for poetry’s sake indeed!

These teeny tiny books are perfect for your pocket, for a gift or for a fabulous fan during this hot hot summer!

Donate $5 for one little book, $10 for 2 little books and $14 to take three little books all the way home.  Be sure to specify which books you want and your current address!!!

Black Poetry

A big claim for a tiny book right?


Enjoy some strong impact small poems inspired by Phillis Wheatley, Kanye West, Saidiya Hartman, Countee Cullen, Margaret Danner and the blackest things you know, like the ocean at night and wrought iron.



After Dark: Remix Haikus for June

This series of remix haikus based on June Jordan’s Things That I Do in the Dark is a deep breath.  A to do list. A prayer in a darkroom, a black feminist afterglow.   The perfect thing to read this June.





Harlem Sidewalk Monument

to Straight Hair Gone Forever

This experiment is a memorial to the over-rated straightness of a girl born crooked.   A series of intentional square poems engage the anthropology of Zora Neale Hurston, steam of a Dominican hair salon, breakdancing, cardboard and the undead Aaliyah.  Yes.




Eternal Summer Potluck Continues: Samiya Bashir’s Gospel

13 06 2012

By popular demand we bring you back the series that started it all…the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Potluck series!

Sunday June 17th


at Inspiration Station 2 (email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com for directions)

Continuing our 2012 focus on contemporary poetry we will be focusing on Samiya Bashir’s GOSPEL:

Brilliant poet, educator and smiling visitation of sunshine Samiya Bashir’s poetry rocks in your heart whether you read it with your eyes or your mouth.  There is something so Sunday-perfect and sanctuary ironic about these poems that you will not want to miss this session!  Read Lex’s overjoyed review of Bashir’s Gospel here: http://blackademics.org/2009/05/18/independent-black-gay-and-lesbian-publisher-redbone-press-presents-gospel-by-samiya-bashir/


The Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Potluck Series is a never-ending series of delicious gatherings celebrating, lifting up, studying and utilizing the legacy of Black feminist thought to save our lives and transform our communities in Durham, NC (and in your community if you choose to read along!)   All people who are excited to be transformed by the brilliance of Black feminists are welcome to this child-inclusive space!



#pridepassionjune: Mobile Homecoming Celebrates Pride

2 06 2012

june passion cover photoIt is June!!! My (Lex’s) birthday month and pride month and the official launch of the Mobile Homecoming social media presence so how do we want to celebrate?  With the words of our beloved chosen ancestor June Jordan of course!   This month as we remind you to help us get 30 new Monthly Sustainerswe will be signal boosting the brilliance of June Jordan especially her passionate words about what it means to love ourselves with full PRIDE!    We invite you to check it out by:

following us on Twitter  @mobilehomecomin or tumblr (mobilehomecoming.tumblr.com)


liking us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobile-Homecoming/169518796401406

AND feel free to submit your own favorite June Jordan quotes to be included here: http://mobilehomecoming.tumblr.com/submit

Best. June. Ever.  Happy Pride y’all!