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The World is Your Runway (FLY)

DIY Couture (A Bodily Poetics)

The Wearable Audre Lorde:

(props to Wahneema Lubiano for the title idea!)

For Survival

better to wearthe wearable lordebetter to cite


Make your own!

1. Fall in love with a poet. 2. Choose the poetic line that calls you to speak. 3. Write it on some beads with a sharpie. 4. String a ribbon through. 5. Say it like you mean it.

Woman power


Black power
human power
always feeling
my heart beats
as my eyes open
as my hands move
as my mouth speaks
I am
are you


Do it yourself:

1. take one scrap of fabric (i think someone was trying to make a curtain out of this. 2. cut two holes in it. 3. tie a rope through 4. know that super heroes (are) fly





Make your own!

1. I bet an organization in your town runs a thrift store as a fundraiser. (This shirt was like two bucks at the Durham Crisis Response Center thrift store.) 2. Paint a lesson that you need to learn…between the lines. (White fabric paint looks just like chalk!)
The Difference Between Poetry and Rhetoric


the difference between poetry and rhetoric

is being willing to kill yourself

instead of your children”

from Power by Audre Lorde

Make your own!

1. Find a poet that redefines every word you know (I suggest Lorde). 2. Find some old opaque pantyhose. 3. Write one word on one leg (in permanent marker). 4. repeat with the other word. 5. Stretch.

or blaze through…. (blazer from the Durham Crisis Response Center thirft store)


(The Black) Unicorn

rare and embattled (if we’re going to make our booties readable…why not publicize black feminist literary classics?)


(vaguely censored)


Do it yourself with: 1 black t-shirt remnant 2. silver glitter fabric paint 3. sacred text illuminated.

Born in June

a tribute to June Jordan

(My Own) Quietly Explosive Here


How to:

dsc_0214.jpg1. white fabric paint


2. Hermana Resist! Pins available from Cafe Revolucion

Against the State (of Things)




1. My body is not safe if Palestine is not free. 2. The occupation that outlived June Jordan will not survive us. 3. Cotton rope and sloganed hope tied tight.

(Who) Look at Me

“New energies of darkness

we disturbed a continent

like seeds…”




1. get some scraps of fabric, glitter paint, disperse yourself


“I am Black alive and looking back at you.” (Who Look at Me 1969)

Run This

Do My Ladies Run This (Mother)?

run this bowsrun this frontUsually I wear them with Sprints..


Make your own!

1.Find some ribbon. 2. Get that same sharpie. 3. Ask the question that you can’t answer. 4. Stand in the place that you run from.

Waste (the gift of creative pessimism)

A min(e)d is a terrible thing


to waste.


b(lack) girl



Make your own!

1. Find some ribbon at least three inches thick and at least 5 times the circumference of your waist. 2. And yes the marker. 3.Wrap your head, wrap your waist. 5.Hold yourself in contradiction. (As if you were sacred).


start framedstart backstart shoulders

(start here)

Make your own!

1.Touch the place on your body that you want to reframe. 2. Cut out all the magazine pictures that remind you of that place. 3. Glue half of them to a matting frame. 4. Loop a scrap of fabric through the frame and tie it around you. 6. Make sure the matting frames the place to be made new. 5. Start again.

10 responses

13 06 2007
Ms. E. Clipse

Thanks for the inspirations.

6 08 2007

u have some beautiful ideas i wish to learn more about your ideas.

12 01 2008

these are BRILLIANT. i’m inspired to get my scissors out and sharpies out.

1 02 2008

This makes me want to shut off the TV and be creative.
Thanks! It’s like a beautiful kick in the butt.

10 04 2008
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15 09 2008
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21 09 2008

wow, you amaze me all the time, i love you all the time, thank you for being so clear

6 10 2008
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7 10 2008

you are SO creative. i love it and am going to pass it around. Blossom!

23 07 2010

Sometimes I forget, how friends can remind you of where you come from. Thanx for reminding me. I’m going to start tonight!

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