Revolutionary Web Conversation #1 and the Upcoming Conversations!

12 05 2015

1_9781629631103Yesterday’s conversation between Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Mai’a Williams about Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines was everything! It went everywhere!  If you missed it you can watch it here:

Also! There are more conversations coming up!

See Lex in conversation with:

Conversation #2:

Cynthia Oka (contributor to Revolutionary Mothering and power poet and activist) on May 17th at 1pm Eastern

Watch live or later here:

Conversation #3:

China Martens (co-editor of Revolutionary Mothering and powerhouse mama author and organizer)  May 18th at 1pm Eastern

Watch live or later here:

Today: Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines Web Conversation #1

11 05 2015

Photo by sister-editor China Martens

Tune in today for a long distance kitchen table conversation with Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Mai’a Williams (two of the three co-editors of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines) in a one on one conversation on moving from the shorelines to the frontlines, mothering, the revolutionary mothering zine, transnational fairy godmothering and more.

Tune in to our video conversation live, or after the fact here:

See you soon!


Lex and Mai’a

And it is Done: Daughter Dreams Actualized

8 05 2015

IMG_2300Last night’s Daughter Dreams: Revolutionary Mother’s Day Conversation #1 was a miracle!  Fruit, cake, juice and profound sharing about our night dreams, our spiritual visions and our aspirational intentions about being and having daughters and mothers and birthing creativity, possibility and community into the world!

After a night of laughter, tears, lesson sharing, deep listening and collaborative remembering we created a poem together and offered it to each other in a circle to witness and affirm our intentions. After each dream affirmation we repeated “And it is done,” together.  We invite you to witness and affirm our dreams now.  Feel free to add your own dream affirmation in the comment section. And it is done!

And it is done.

by the participants in Daughter Dreams

for the unloveable broken pieces

I dream of wholeness

And it is done.

for my 3 daughters

I dream a world where they can soar and shine in safe environments

And it is done.

for my grandchildren

I dream that they will one day ask “what is gender?” “what is gender violence?” because they haven’t experienced the colonization of gender and violence against women and girls.

And it is done.

for my mother Anthonette Elix to Anne Wallace

I dream of faith and her highest destiny fulfilled

And it is done.

for Osunnike and Ololodi

I dream of unlimited creativty, health and wholeness in their bodies and realized visions

And it is done.

for Erica Jeanette Wallace

I dream of purposeful and peaceful living and loving

And it is done.

for myself I dream of abundant space, love, partnership and collaboration

And it is done.

for Eloise

I dream of your love expression

And it is done.

for Aleese

I dream of continued life

And it is done.

for my mother Carmen

I dream of the creativity you were never allowed to express.

I dream of the adventures you’ll have not that I’m grown.

I dream of life.


And it is done.

for Bombom and Bz

I dream self-knowledge and self-love

And it is done.

for Lula Mae

I dream wholeness

And it is done.

for liberation

I dream of expansive thought and courage

And it is done.

for future

I dream of life abundant

And it is done.

for love

I dream of light


Our panelists Michelle Lanier, Dannette Sharpley, Rachael Derello and Dannette’s daughter Maria Lillian, blessed by light.

And it is done.

for Pearl Adele Stokes

I dream of me and the rest of her descendants experiencing a true sense of liberation in our spirits minds and bodies.

And it is done.

for Pearlene Derello

I dream of us healing our individual, collective and ancestral trauma

And it is done.

for Adele Rose Derello-Luebke

I dream of us all forever living int our own bodies (while we are on this plane) safely, lovingly and with gratitude

And it is done.

for Eden and all she births

I dream of grace made liberated by her love made life- overflowing in peace, fertile in shimmering goodness-glorious to behold!

And it is done.

for Mariah

I dream of a world where both literary and intuition are respected equally.

It is done. We live not by bread alone but by our hunches, inklings, wisdom, knowledge and sheepskin.

And it is done.

for IonaPearl


And it is done.

for Lorraine


And it is done.

for Courtney


And it is done.

for Jeevan

I dream of open untrammeled, uninhibited life

fields of life spilling over with light and the possible

deep soils of life endless and unknown

waiting for you, you in particular, you to join us in joy

And it is done.

for me

I dream of making space

making art

And it is done.

for Judy

I dream of being with glorious eyes and heart wide open

And it is done.

for myself

I dream of strength

And it is done.

for Carmela

I dream of home

And it is done.

for children

I dream they will not be harmed

And it is done.

for Richard and Joni

I dream a world

And it is done.

for Richard and Joni

I dream of their own bed

And it is done.

for my daughter

I dream a safe home and a steady bed

And it is done.

for Ariana

I dream of homefulness, heldness, hope and hallelujah

And it is done.

for me

I dream of openness to receive the love I was made by and for

And it is done.

1_9781629631103Look out for Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines from PM Press this Fall!

Much gratitude to Ed Swan and the L Room B & B for hosting this event.  Please support their fundraising campaign if you can!

Today: Daughter Dreams: Revolutionary Mother’s Day Conversation #1

7 05 2015

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 9.09.13 PMJoin Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind for the first in a series of Revolutionary Mother’s Day conversations.

Thursday May 7th at 6pm at the L-Room (107 West Geer St. Durham, NC)

This first session is about mothers and daughters and dreaming and will feature wisdom from wise mamas in Durham including

Michelle Lanier

Serena Sebring

Dannette Sharpley

Rachael Derello

Inspired by Audre Lorde’s practice of dream-mothering (which included keeping track of her own dreams, applying lessons from her dream and her children’s dreams to her parenting, and making a space for her daughter to share dreams with her) and by the impact of her dreams on her life-saving poetry, this will be an evening of dream-sharing and poem making.

Refreshments based on the favorite foods of the wise mamas will be served and copies of Laboring Positions which features Alexis Pauline Gumbs’s essay “Daughter Dreams and the Teaching Life of Audre Lorde” will be available for sale.

All are welcome!

91JJWXQZa4L(Look out for Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines coming out this fall from PM Press )

Dark Sciences: A People of Color Dream Retreat, August 20-24th (Alma de Mujer, TX)

30 04 2015

“Message Received” for Audre Lorde by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind and The Revelry invite you to a love-filled people of color retreat on the magic, technology and practice of dreams!

Where?: Alma de Mujer retreat center (outside Austin, TX)

When?: August 20-24 2015

How Much?: $400  (Meals, Housing and all Programing included)

Scholarships Available!

Where do I register:  right here!

“We know that ancestors beforeandcomingandnotgone have dreamed us up (are still dreaming us up), and that the future is <— ∞ —>. We know that our dreamworlds are time-folding and -foiling, and available for our deepest extragalactic play.” -from “The Future is Dark” by Almah LaVon

“Black feminist dream work is a risk, a recurring articulation. It is happening right now. Are you awake?”  -from “Daughter Dreams” by Alexis Pauline Gumbs


“Science” for Queen Nanny by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

This is a gathering of our dreams, for our dreams, about our dreams.

This is for Queen Nanny of the Maroons the great scientist of ancestral connection and supernatural presence.

This is for Harriet Tubman who dreamt all night and sometimes in the middle of the day for our freedom.

This for Anna Julia Cooper who the grown folks woke up out of her sleep when she was a child asking about whether we would be free.

This is for Bayard Rustin who strategized and organized for how we could all say, show be our dreams together out in public on the Washington Mall.

This is for Yuri Kochiyama, who dreamed long and across many liberation movements.

This is for Audre Lorde who made poetry out of nightmares and curricula out of dreams.

This is for Gloria Anzaldúa who trusted the walk between worlds.

This is for Joseph Beam who dared himself to dream.

This is for all of us, breathing in the dreams of our ancestors.

sonia dream

“To Love” for Sonia Sanchez by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

This is the first convening of a queer-black-feminist imagined collective dreaming house for people of color.

Because our dreams are crucial and priceless, not only as fodder for 5 year plans at institutions that wake up to forget us, but also as what they are—unpredictable multi-layered prophecies and warnings that love the moon more than the sun, that cherish darkness over light.  Like us.

We are inviting the black power of our dreams to guide the way forward and backwards into the depth of love we need in order to enter an ethical relationship with the planet and each other.

We are welcoming our dreams as both individual well-springs of self-reflection, divine connection and growth AND as a collective resource for community and planetary transformation.

None of us has the whole dream.   All of us nurture priceless pieces of a transformed and transforming reality and so we are here together with the potential to puzzle it out and to develop the part of our existence that moves beyond individuality back into communion.

We are dreaming you up right now.  We have been dreaming each other always.


Your dream conveners!! Alexis and Almah!
Photo by Kimmie Ramnine

We are inviting you to enter this collective dream space which is:

  1. the opening gathering for a long-term collective process of valuing, honoring, archiving, sharing and listening our/each other’s dreams

  2. a ritual educational skill-share where we honor the dreaming practices of our ancestors and deepen our capacity to be present to our own and each other’s dreams

  3. a sacred space for queer affirming people of color to trust our intuition and be ourselves

There are 21 spots for this experience. Register here and offer your $75 deposit here: 

*Scholarship requests for tuition meals and housing are guaranteed AFTER your $75 deposit is received.

Feel free to email with questions!

If you want to donate to the scholarship fund to help other dreamers attend this once in a lifetime sacred space find out how here:

It Will Not Always Be This Way: Prophecy Poem or Impermanence After Phillis

5 12 2014

“Frontispiece Remastered” Collage by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Last night after laying our bodies in the street in protest, while advocating and praying for our comrades who had been arrested, while grieving and grieving the loss of black lives, the audacity of state violence, while remembering the police murder of Fred Hampton and honoring the resilience of our beautiful communities, 5 black women gathered in the name of Phillis Wheatley.  230 years ago today Phillis Wheatley/Peters the first Black person to publish a collection of poems in the United States, witness to the American Revolution, acquaintance of a Queen and a President, died free, cold and poor somewhere in Boston.

Our conversation, blessed by the literary and historical expertise of Dr. Tara Bynum, ranged from the possibility of “ordinary” Black life in a context where just being a live and Black is framed as not just extraordinary but abnormal, to speculations of the layered and syncretic spiritual cosmologies present in Wheatley’s work and her correspondence with her friend Obour Tanner, to Morissonian (as in Toni) reflections on the normalcy of evil, to raw honesty about slave-funded academic institutions that continue to enslave black scholars, to just wondering where our friends are and if they are okay.

Inspired by Wheatley’s invocation of the sacred nine in her poetry, we mused a while and generated resources of laughter, love, epic realness, star-knowledge, movement, history, tragedy, song and hymns to share with each other as a reminder that the institutions that harm us are not our only sources of power, we are resources for each other.   Finally we created this poem together out of our outrage at this moment and our faith that our lives and our world can be different.  This is a prophecy poem offering on the date of Phillis Wheatley’s ascension.  May all of our ancestors receive it and join us in transforming life on earth.

Prophecy Poem (impermanence after Phillis)

by the participants in Bright Black Broadcast #3: Phillis Wheatley

black bodies disappearing into death, state-sanctioned choke-holds.

it will not always be this way

the impossibility of breathing.

it will not always be this way.

I listen to my ancestors when they say

it will not always be this way

to steady my steps I have to pray

it will not always be this way

it cannot always be this way

it will not always be this way

it will not always be this way,

i will continue to say

it will not always be this way,

as I smile remembering what’s gone is for yesterday

liberation is possible – perhaps not today.

it will not always be this way

hasten the change, no more lives should pay.

it will not always be this way.

y’all must got me f—d up

it will not always be this way


you must not know who taught me to pray

it will not always be this way

trickster teacher chaos clay

it will not always be this way

i’m gonna be here anyway

it will not always be this way

it will not always be this way

there is more than one way

gather the children and tell them

it will not always be this way

remind each other that

it will not always be this way

name your babies

it will not always be this way

the ancestors promise

it will not always be this way

baptize in the name of

it will not always be this way

we make joy

because it will not always be this way

i was born to love and play

It will not always be this way

we will dance into the black light of a brand new day,

it will not always be this way


If you want your own limited edition print of the “Frontispiece Remastered” collage of Phillis Wheatley you can get on with your next $35 donation to Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind.   Be sure to include “Wheatley Print” and your current address with your donation:  

the vessel: dimension of freedom (after and with Benjamin Banneker)

14 11 2014


Last night was the first Brilliance Remastered Bright Black Broadcast and it was miraculous.   Guided by the brilliance of Benjamin Banneker, and some of his enduring texts we engaged the rhetoric of our integrity, the equations of our freedom, the core beliefs that inform our problem solving, the locations of the planets and the trajectories of our own orbits in relationship to creativity, freedom, institutions, work, family and everything else.   At the end of our time together we created our own three part group poem in response to Benjamin Banneker’s “A Mathematical Problem in Verse” a beautiful poem about some drunk people who have plenty of confidence and specificity (take that respectability politics!) as a way of reflecting on the dimensions of our freedom.

the vessel

by the participants in Bright Black Broadcast #1: Benjamin Banneker

(after Benjamin Banneker’s “A Mathematical Problem in Verse”)

i. the diametrical proportions of freedom

seven answers for every one question

three loves for every one life

one breath for every thousand years

one thousand heartbeats for every one connection

one circle for one change

one thousand stars for every one night sky

ii. the depth of freedom

deep enough to fill sound

deep enough to dance in technicolor

deep enough to invite the whole family and community in

deep enough to get baptized  in every single day

deep enough to hold our energy

iii. freedom capacity

it can hold my imperfections

it can hold our pain

it can hold our hands

it can hold our dreams

it can hold the past and the future at the same time

it can hold heart

it can hold space

it can hold light


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