Bootcamp Podcast: The Sound of Mothering Ourselves

1 02 2011


Loved ones!!!! For those of you who didn’t get to participate in the MotherOurselves Bootcamp in Durham NC this January here is a podcast featuring the insights of the participants and some beautiful music!!! Playlist below.


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Also know that for the next week…if you become an Eternal Summerian (monthly sustainer of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind) your first gifts will be a mixtape of the meditations of release we did during the bootcamp and the motherourselves manual so that you can bring this work into your life and your community!!!


We can make something out of anything.

Insight from Mariel Eaves and

The Revenge of Ricky Williams “Sweet Wolf Shirt”

We recognize and nurture the creative parts of each other without always understanding what will be created.

“Dear Mom” by Adele Nieves and

Climbing Poetree “I Wonder”

We establish authority over our own definitions.

Affirmations from Miya Binta

Doria Roberts “Dying Man’s Wish”

We claim power over who we choose to be, knowing that such power is relative within the realities of our lives.

Estas Mujeres: Covenant by Fabiola Sandoval

Amel Larrieux “All I Got”

We provide an attentive concern and expectation of growth, which is the beginning of that acceptance we came to expect only from our mothers.

“When I Crave Mama” by Fabiola Sandoval

Me’shell Ndegeocello “Solomon”

We affirm our own worth by committing ourselves to our own survival in our selves and in the selves of other black women.

“I Am My Mother’s Daughter” by Rashida James-Saadiya

Lauryn Hill “If They Only Knew”

We refuse to settle for anything less than a rigorous pursuit of the possible in ourselves, at the same time making a distinction between what is possible, and what the outside world drives us to do in order to prove that we are human.

“Mother Ourselves” by Julia R. Wallace (JDub)

Santigold “Unstoppable”

We recognize our successes and are tender with ourselves even when we fail.

“My Mother Ourselves Covenant” by Dara Montaque

Res “Bittersweet”

We learn to love what we have given birth to by giving definition to, to be both kind and demanding in the teeth of failure as well as in the face of success without misnaming either.

“Letter of Release to the Next Generation” by Miya Binta

Erykah Badu “My Life”

We lay to rest what is weak, timid and damaged without despisal and we protect and support what is useful for survival. We explore the difference together.

“Mother as Savior” by Miya Binta

Georgia Ann Muldrow “Runway”

We stand toe-to-toe inside rigorous loving and speak what has always seemed like the impossible to each other.

Truth Booth Conversation between Miya Binta and Manju Rajendran

Tata Vega, “Miss Celie’s Blues”

As we speak the truth to each other it become unavoidable to ourselves.

ESG “Keep on Moving”

Infinite love,


The PROUD Podcast: The Visionary HEAT of Black Queer Community

4 10 2010

Lex interviewing Glo at the 3rd Annual Queerky Black Girls Cookout in the Park! (photo by Moya Bailey)

It is officially Fall and the end of Gay Pride Season!  The MobileHomecoming Project has allowed us to relate to PRIDE celebrations in the South with renewed intergenerational intentionality!  I feel so present to my love for Black Queer community I hardly know what to do!  Oh wait! Yes I do!  Create a podcast and a new volume of the Little Black (Feminist) Book Series!

While you are folding laundry or recentering yourself for a revolutionary day take a listen to this podcast dedicated to our Black queer community and all of the complexity of our pride.

The Proud Podcast

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To order your own copy of the beautiful bright orange booklet FIRE (picture soon!) which includes the poem “ShapeShift”, and the essay “Flamboyance” along with several other works inspired by my love for our brilliant black queer community email or paypal 15 bucks (or more you if you can!) to with the note FIRE!  All proceeds benefit the ongoing work of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Educational movement in Durham including the Queer Black Sunday School Series!

*Special thanks to the amazing hip hop producer composers whose work is featured here.  I strongly encourage you all to take a listen to Jett I Masstyr’s “Me and Phillis Forever” based on the beautiful voice of Phyllis Hyman and the Idle Warship Mixtape ad the Cali Fire Commission’s beat-tape and the Stuyvesent’s beat masterpiece all featured on this podcast.

Lex interviewing Holiday. (Photo by Moya Bailey)

Still Brave Podcast

14 05 2010

Greetings loved ones!!!!!

This podcast is a graduation gift from me to you, from Black Women’s Studies to me and to a planet ready to be transformed by our bravery!!!  Consider it a bravery infusion, listen to it when you need a supplement, or honor yourself by contextualizing your brilliance in the deep tradition of Black feminist intellectual bravery.

Despite the adversity (two different police officers in one county in Virginia pulled me over on my way) I was able to have the beautiful experience of attending the Still Brave Symposium at University of Maryland, a celebration of the impact of the classic anthology All the Women are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some Us Are Brave: Black Women’s Studies and the contributors of the new collection Still Brave, published by the Feminist Press last year.

On this podcast you will hear Black feminist scholars Akasha Hull, Barbara Smith, Patricia Hill Collins, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Frances Foster Smith, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Cheryl Wall, Cheryl Clarke, Elsa Barkely Brown, Merle Collins, Renina Jarmon, Christin Taylor, Courtney Marshall, Monica A. Coleman, Faith Pennick, Nikki Lane, Sharon Hurley, and Althea Tait talking about what keeps them BRAVE.  You will also hear music from Janelle Monae, Mahalia Jackson, Goapele, Mosadi Music, John Coltrane, Lykki Li, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Amanda Ray, The Lost Bois, Santigold and more!

The experience of making and editing this podcast affirms for me that tomorrow when I walk to get my PhD in English, African and African American Studies and Women’s Studies, I am participating in a long, deep, resonant walk with many fellow travelers.  One of the blessings that keeps me brave is the vibrant, intergenerational community of Black feminist scholars, cultural workers and activists represented here.

Stay brave,


Still Brave

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Essex Hemphill Sunday School: The Podcast

9 05 2010

You know I had to hook you up for Mother’s Day!  To honor the nurturing work that queer Black folks have been doing in all of our communities for lifetimes….this podcast honors the prophet, poet, activist, ancestor Essex Hemphill.  Documenting the Sunday School at the Inspiration Station celebrating Hemphill’s birthday in April, this podcast features the voices of Durham’s finest (and the Durham diaspora) reading Hemphill’s poetry and our own work inspired by his legacy, his visions of the afterlife, his love for community.   Wake up new with the powerful voices of Yolanda Carrington, Ashon Crawley, Diane Beckett, Chelsea Earles, Beth Bruch, Jade Brooks, Elandria Williams, Ebony Noelle Golden, and get inspired with beautiful music from Yolo Akili, Meshell Ndegeocello, Duke Ellington, Raheem DeVaughn, Res, and Curtis Mayfield.

Contextualize your Sunday, mother yourself, listen with your mother!

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(and this time the levels are totally equal, but still a little quiet.  So raise the praise and pump up the volume.)

Infinite love,


Happy Birthday Toni Cade Bambara!: New Podcast :)

25 03 2010

Today in honor of Toni Cade Bambara’s 71st Birthday we present a podcast full of reflections, laughter, poetry, music and LOVE for the brilliant sister warrior mother writer, dancer, filmmaker, screenplay transformer, community organizer Toni Cade Bambara!

I create this podcast with much inspiration from Cheryll Y. Greene and with the priceless collaboration and words of Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Cara Page, Linda Janet Holmes, Kai Lumumba Barrow and Nikky Finney. Contextualize your day with the brilliant insights of these women and listen to music from Sarah Vaughn, King Pleasure, Erykah Badu, Amel Laurrieux, Cassandra Wilson, Abbey Lincoln and some of my favorite producers.

Direct link:

If you are just learning about Toni Cade Bambara please get your hands on her beautiful fiction:  Gorilla, My Love, The Seabird are Still Alive, The Salteaters, Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions, Those Bones Are Not My Child.   Her groundbreaking 1970 anthology The Black Woman and definitely pick up the anthology about Bambara’s work created by Linda Janet Holmes and Cheryll Wall: Savoring the Salt.

Also, if you have the great fortune to live near or in Durham, North Carolina join us for Sunday school, this Sunday March 28th to praise the name of Toni Cade (more info here:

Happy Jeremiah Gumbs/Audre Lorde Day!: Survival Podcast

18 02 2010

On this day 97 years ago…my grandfather Jeremiah Gumbs was born.  Pop-pop was the person who taught me how a love for poetry could transform my life.   It seems not mere coincidence that my favorite poet and chosen ancestor Audre Lorde was ALSO born on this day 76 years ago!  This podcast, lovingly released on this birthday of two of my beloved ancestors who make their spirits known in my life on a daily basis is also dedicated to a new ancestor.

My godmother Aunt Andie (Andria Hall) died from breast cancer a little over a year and a month ago today. To honor Aunt Andie and Audre Lorde, and June Jordan, and my stepsister Kyla’s mom Diane and Mama Nayo Barbara Watkins and so many more beautiful ancestors who are so powerfully with us, my mom, my Aunti Akosua and the brilliant and inspiring Mary Anne Adams who is a breast cancer survivor collaborated on this podcast.  May it be healing for you and may it be an invitation to the energy of all of your ancestors to fill your heart and kiss your face.

love always,


you can also find the recent podcast on itunes if you search “brokenbeautiful press”