What is through the door?: Inspiration from the Sci Fi Storytelling workshop at YOI’s Freedom School in Raleigh

20 07 2015

10646939_984543608245257_1879098766665614261_nLast Thursday I had the JOY of facilitating a workshop on dreams and sci-fi storytelling with the brilliant participants in the Youth Organizing Institute’s Summer Freedom School in Raleigh.  We shared about people in our lives who have shifted our ideas of what is possible, we wrote poems based on each other’s dreams and we imagined sci-fi worlds with internal voids, external incubation, superheroes, supervillians and lots of love.

This is a sci-fi story poem inspired by Davante,  Juliet, Ife,  Babette, Evelyn, Hylan, Alicia, KK, Marki, Jalil, Nia, Carly and Alex

what is through the door?

everything was great

all peace, no problems, great, great

the world was great, great

she dreamt of dream catchers

hoping to find gold or candy

work up to nothing

she had a dream

about her mom

it filled her with joy

the second loan

it wouldn’t stop changin

she was dreamin’

then she had a dream

she got pregnant by her babe

she was very upset

please don’t cut my hair

my hair is beautiful

death is your reward

jumanji nightmares

with your royal parents there

shielding you from fears

fairly odd parents

earthquakes are worries you have

eight tornadoes tears

dinosaurs are here

dinosaurs crushed your things

dinosaurs are rude

sherlock holmes is rude

but you are strong and fight back

you are the hero

working with children

endless playtime and peeling

the six is shattered

getting sexy with the rock

in a shopping cart

is much harder than it looks

nothing but walking

then slowly opened a door

what is through the door?



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