Mothering is a Practice (It Can Be): A Poem from the Revolutionary Walkers

17 05 2015

Revolutionary Mothering

IMG_20150516_191518Yesterday’s sweet journey with the other participants of Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind‘s In Search of Our Mothers: A Revolutionary Garden Walk

was a blessing!  Duke Gardens looked especially womanist (which is to say, purple) and alive with allium flowers, birds and beautiful people of color in fancy clothes.

Together, inspired by specific excerpts of Alice Walker’s ground-nurturing essay “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens” and by her poetic definition of womanism, we reconsecrated a fountain, meditated in public, walked by ourselves humming and singing, walked together talking and created a group poem inspired by Alice Walker’s revolutionary proposition in her essay “Democratic Motherism” (in the book The World Will Follow Joy) that “Mothering is an instinct, yes, but it is also a practice.  It can be learned.”

Here is our verbtastic poem, reflecting on mothering as a practice.  Oh! And we created this poem together standing…

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