Wave a Hand and Shake a Fan: Online Revival for When We Free Filming Fund

11 07 2014



We making a film. (So) We passing the hat! Check out this online revival and get some soul-stirring perks when you donate towards cast, crew, location, costumes and food for When We Free’s upcoming filming weekend!!!! 




When We Free is a short film about Rose Hill, a recently freed black community’s first camp meeting since emancipation. They search for balance between the spiritual traditions they have brought across the Atlantic and those they learned in bondage. When We Free engages the various choices free Black folks made in Rose Hill concerning spirituality and religion when “Master” was no longer directly in charge or involved.

To find out more about the film visit: http://whenwefree.jroxmedia.com/current-projects/when-we-free-the-film/

This film is the Omiero (the holy water infused with herbs in “New World” Ifa/Yoruba/African spiritual practice) preparation internally and externally for Africans in diaspora to consider the Earth based spiritual practices of their ancestors. What do we need to break and to draw; to keep and to relinquish so that the Holy Spirit, the divine, can fully be present? What chains need to be broken and what needs to be awakened so that Africans in diaspora can have access to unbound spirit? How can even the religions of the colonizers and enslavers be reconnected to their own Earth based roots? When We Free is a cleansing and clarifying ritual that questions the source and sustenance of our freedom and spiritual roots.

The filming of When We Free will be a transformative community ritual that uplifts our ancestors and contributes to the conversation about what spiritual practices our freedom requires in the current moment.  We are raising money to house, feed, transport, and offer stipends to cast and crew and for equipment, props, location fees and supplies.