My People Are Free: Black Feminist Breathing Meditation #5 (Harriet Tubman)

27 05 2014

My People Are Free

Harriet Tubman

Today Harriet Tubman teaches us how to speak our dreams in the present tense.   May we continue to breathe in the presence of our freedom.  Special thanks to the 21 Black feminists who came to last year’s Combahee Pilgrimage who join the chorus of our love on this track!

Click below or here to listen.


Shapeshift.  For Harriet Tubman.  By Alexis Pauline Gumbs. 


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Or if you want to move the meditation magic forward you can make a donation towards the scholarship fund for the Black Feminist Breathing Retreat (see more below).  Donations of $25-100 give you eternal access to the streaming meditations on the site and donations of 101 or more give you access to streaming AND downloads of the meditations as audio files.

If breathing in chorus through this virtual experience feels great, imagine what it would feel like to breathe together in person!!!  On July 4th weekend 2014 we will be gathering for the Black Feminist Breathing Retreat in Magnolia, Mississippi at the Flowering Lotus Meditation Center.

Here is a video that includes some of the power of our breathing together at last year’s Combahee Pilgrimage Retreat:



[vimeo 91758508]

Combahee Pilgrimage Trailer from J. Roxanne on Vimeo.


We hope to see you this Summer!!!!



Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind



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