Audit Black Feminist Film School Summer Session: Registration Now Open!

27 05 2014

“She told them that the only grace they could have was the grace they could imagine. That if they could not see it, they would not have it.” -Baby Suggs Holy in Beloved by Toni Morrison


Black Feminist Film School is a clearing space where we remember how to make the world we deserve visible, tangible and compelling.   Clear space in your summer for y/our vision!

Black Feminist Film School Summer Session 2014 (bffs-SS’14) is now open for up to 18 auditors. This will include access to course materials, described below, and will consist of what we call a virtual audit. This is an ideal option for people interested in building their skills, community and context for a Black Feminist Film approach but who are not able to attend our rigorous combination of in-person intensives and online classes this summer and would benefit from a flexible curriculum.  A vast amount of information, conversations and other resources will be made available to all auditors as the course progresses.





Auditors will have access to:

  • Living bibliography

  • Syllabus for bffs – Summer Session ‘14

  • Course Packet

  • Audio and/or Video of course lectures and presentations

  • Outlines for lectures and presentations

  • Handouts

  • Production Notebook blank documents/forms and example documents/forms

  • Tutorials and learning modules including program files when relevant

  • Access to SS ‘14 restricted area of the bffs website

  • Audio and/or Video interviews and conversations with bffs advisors and elders

  • Audio, Effects, Graphic and other media files


Registration is now OPEN!

Register to audit for Summer Session 2014 here.  Auditing is open to everyone who is interested in and inspired by the legacy and possibility of Black Feminist Filmmaking regardless of background, training or identity.

You are fully registered after you pay your sliding scale registration fee of $50-75 below:

bffs-paypal button




We look forward to supporting you to create the world we can imagine.



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