One More Day Until the Black Feminist Breathing Chorus Begins!

22 05 2014

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Every day starting Friday May 23rd  you will get an original collage (by me!!) and a recording of an affirmation from Audre Lorde, June Jordan, Fannie Lou Hamer, Essex Hemphill and other powerful ancestors to chant with or meditate to featuring love messages from me and music composed by the brilliant Julia Wallace right up in your inbox!



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Tell your friends!  Invite your friends over to breathe with you!
It would be beautiful for as many folks as possible to be part of this love-filled experience from the very beginning!
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AND  If breathing together virtually is magical imagine what breathing together in person will do!!!!
Check out what happened when 21 Black feminists breathed together along with Lorraine Hansberry’s mantra “We can impose beauty on our future,” at last year’s Combahee Pilgrimage retreat.
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There are still spots available for this summer’s Black Feminist Breathing Retreat in Magnolia Mississippi!  Join us or support others to attend!   More info here:
  Hope to see you this summer!!
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Your breathing is a crucial contribution!


Support the Black Feminist Film School Fellowship Fund!

22 05 2014

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The Poetics of Black Feminist Film School – Summer Session


Black Feminist Film School Summer Session is the answer to a prayer whispered by storytellers, film school students, healers, artists, closet queer preachers and others who believe another world is possible as long as we can imagine it.




It is the vision we can not imagine of what a revolutionary practice can look like when we take the time to birth it together.




It is the liberation that is possible when our community and allies understand that Black women sharing their autonomous and self-actualizing work means freedom for us all.


bffs in BITCHThe answer, the vision, the liberation. Black Feminist Film School is an initiation journey that will transform all involved toward love and light. I invite you to join in and support in the ways that make sense for you.
This is serious life saving and life changing work. It will be challenging and rewarding. It is not merely a workshop to gain filmmaking skills. It is not just a networking opportunity to gain crew for your projects. For ourselves and each other we seek to create a profoundly safe space; to develop a league of excellence, a language of love and transformation that allows us to create the world anew by every generative means we know.
Black Feminist Film School Summer Session (bffs Summer Session) will take place June – August 2014. We will be focusing on building skill and practice as Black Feminist storytellers using the filmmaking medium and accompanying art forms. Within the three month session we will cover all phases of filmmaking including research and writing, pre-production, production and post-production.



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Our goal


Our goal is to share and(re)develop a standard of Black Feminist filmmaking so that when participants complete the program they are able to: 1) join a film crew – independent, Black Feminist or within the Hollywood system – and excel; 2) develop their own skill and voice by creating short film projects that result in a high quality reel; 3) have the tools and relationships necessary to create a practice that will be self-sustaining.




UMD ResidencyThis inaugural (bffs Summer Session) is for 6 self-identified Black feminists (21 and up) who live in the southeast or are from the southeast (ideally within 6 hours driving distance of Durham, NC). Applicants will need to commit a minimum of 5 – 10 hours a week to the session, attend bi-weekly virtual meetings and be available for two in-person gatherings. The two intensive gatherings will take place in or very near Durham, NC June 6-8 and August 1-3 and are both mandatory.




Up to 15 of those that apply will have the opportunity to audit the session once the 6 participant spots are filled. The fifteen auditors will have access to electronic copies of course materials, videos, tutorials, etc. But they will not be a part of the intensive gatherings or the virtual meetings.




Donate here:  Black Feminist Film School Fellowship Fund


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Julia Green ScreenEach week we will cover a number of theoretical and hands on exercises designed to grow your skill, voice and understanding of the art of filmmaking. We will also be considering what a Black Feminist filmmaking practice looks like in practice. Each week there will be required reading, dialogue and assignments (including screenings, writing, media projects, etc.) that will grow our filmmaking muscles.


  1. Storytelling
  2. Script reading and writing
  3. Camera
  4. Light
  5. Sound
  6. Production Roles/Jobs and Collaboration
  7. Elemental Forces/Nature
  8. Invisible Elements/Spirit
  9. Music
  10. Wardrobe
  11. Locations
  12.  Set Design & Props
  13. Directing Actors
  14. Production Notebook and Organization
  15. Scheduling
  16. Budgeting
  17. Equipment (Care, Rental, Review)
  18. Software
  19. Black Feminist Theory & Practice
  20. Media Files, Formats and Workflow
  21. The Hollywood System






black feminist film school acknowledges the legacies that we walk in especially QWOCMAP Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project which creates, exhibits and distributes new films that authentically reflect the lives of queer women of color and address the vital social justice issues that concern multiple communities; Yvonne Welbon an independent film director, producer, screenwriter and film/media scholar; Jessie Maple, the first African American woman to direct an independent feature-length film in the U.S.; Amy Ongiri scholar of film, literature and cultural studies; Zeinabu Irene Davis, Camille Billops, Cheryl Dunye, Ayoka Chenzira, Barbara McCullough, Pratibha Parmar, Ada Griffin, Michelle Parkerson, Julie Dash and many more.

Donate here:  Black Feminist Film School Fellowship Fund

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If you have any questions please email us at: