Mother’s Day: The Extended Remix

12 05 2014

The complexity and crucial energy of Mother’s Day is too big to fit in just one holiday.   This post-mother’s day week as we all take the opportunity to meditate on what aspects of our experiences of mothering we want to amplify and which ones we are ready to evolve past, Audre Lorde’s concept of mothering ourselves is as relevant as ever!

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So here are some  special treats for the motherful massive:

Download my Mother Ourselves Manual a curriculum that includes the Mother Ourselves Manifesta and a beautiful set of activities based on Audre Lorde’s theorization of mothering ourselves that an amazing group of women and children of color brought into practice at the Mother Ourselves Bootcamp in Durham, NC!   These activities are especially helpful for folks who have experienced any sort of trauma related to mothering or mother figures and are ready to transform that energy into clarity and insight.


And this week if you email your scribd receipt for the Mother Ourselves Manual or any of my other scribd downloadable publications (to brokenbeautifulpress at gmail dot com)

or become an Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Monthly Sustainer  I will also send you the Mother Ourselves Mediation and Dance Party Mixtape which includes an extended guided meditation and some of my favorite healing music to dance to…we used this meditation/dance mix for the Mother Ourselves Bootcamp and the Thicker Than Whatever: Unstoppable Mother/Daughter Relationships workshop that my mama and I co-facilitated at MotherHouse in Atlanta, GA.

Liberated beings in boas at the MotherOurselves Bootcamp photobooth in Durham, NC!

Liberated beings in boas at the MotherOurselves Bootcamp photobooth in Durham, NC!

Sending you love as you use these love-filled resources for your personal reflection, your classrooms and community gatherings and the motherful whirlwind of transformation we are all creating together!!!!