Pocket Poetry Prayer Meeting #1: Phillis Wheatley

21 08 2012

In the tradition of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Potluck Series and the Queer Black Sunday School process of sacred reclamation we will gather in the name of Phillis Wheatley for a reflective, meditative writing session at


Sunday August 26th

at the Inspiration Station II (email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com for directions)

Together we will create and share poems dedicated to the eternal survival of Phillis Wheatley and all that is too strong in its smallness, to brilliant in its blackness and too complicated to die.

From our poems we will produce a box-set of tiny origami books of poem to send into the world as evidence and more invitation of how words in the hands of a small black woman are no small thing at all.

Please bring a pen and your journal and some Sunday delicious food to share 🙂