Queer Black August Retreat! Apply today!

9 07 2012


The Overview

In the spirit of historical practices such as Black August which commemorates African liberation and revolution in the Americas and the Combahee River Collective Black Feminist Retreats which built alignment and institutions by and for black women; Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Roxanne Wallace are creating Queer Black August. This is a continuation of the two years and counting that Alexis has hosted free week-long gatherings where people from all over the country participated in intergenerational gatherings for healing and transformation in Durham, NC using the resources of Black Feminism.

In past retreats, our Durham community opened their homes and donated food, supplies and myriad skills to make it possible for 4 different retreats in the last 2 years to be free and accessible; first for queer people of color and allies at Combahee Survival Revival Week; women and genderqueer people of color and our children at Motherourselves Bootcamp; then queer black warrior healers at Indigo Days; and most recently community accountable anti-racist scholars at Juneteenth Freedom Academy. [/half]


The Vision

This year we bring to you Queer Black August: Ancestral Presence & Healing Poetics for QPOC and local POC allies. The thread running through the Queer Black August gathering is Accessing Ancestral Power: Healing Ourselves and Our Ancestors. There are 2 components that participants may engage over the course of the 5 days:

1) African Spirituality – spiritual practices from the Ifa tradition of the Yoruba; and
2) Healing Poetics – arts and embodiment through dance, music, laughter and play.

Additionally, we hope to document portions of the retreat to share with our communities and invite the local community to witness and participate in some of our creations – comedic, performative and play. This event is also an opportunity to build relationships and practices that will be the foundation for creating a variety show that uses healing poetics to educate and liberate.[/half]

Next Steps

1. To participate in the retreat please fill out this survey application which is the first step in creating this space together. The survey includes vital information for the retreat as well.


Non-Local Participants

<<Non-Local – CLICK HERE>>




Local Participants

<< Local Participants – CLICK HERE >>


Queer Black August is a retreat FOR QUEER PEOPLE OF COLOR centered on the power of ancestral presence and healing poetics. This 5 day retreat hosted by Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Roxanne Wallace of the Mobile Homecoming project will be an intergenerational space consisting of two related components focusing on ritual ancestral invocation and guidance and healing through play, creativity and performance.

The event will be at the Stone House in Mebane, NC (20 minutes outside of Durham, NC) and will be an intimate gathering for an aligned group of soul searchers and light beams. We have 7 spots for out of town participants in the Ancestral Presence intensive (Wednesday August 15-Friday morning August 17th) and 15 spots for the Healing Poetics Intensive (Friday afternoon August 17-Sunday night August 19th)

2. Deposit Options

Non-local Participant Deposit$50.00 USD Local Participant Deposit -$25.00 USD Local Participant Deposit$50.00 USD

<<< Click Button on left  to Submit >>>Looking forward to seeing you all!



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