Making Something out of Anything: Insight from the Eye to Eye Collaborators

30 05 2012

Lorde Deliberate T-ShirtLast night was the last session of  the Brilliance Remastered Webinar Eye to Eye: Radical Collaboration for Community Accountable Scholars!    I know that I’ll be missing the weekly webinar wavelength sharing love exchange until the next unit of the webinar (Beyond the Feel Good based on Lorde’s Uses of the Erotic) starts in July.   But I also know that we created something powerful and I have a whole new clarity about the collaborations in my life and some exciting new collaborations that pranced right into my life from my dreams this month!

Using the Mothering Ourselves Manifesta we acknowledged the fact that collaborating allows us to evolve out of the language of struggle into the language of creativity we are not making “something out of nothing” we are honoring what is present in our lives and our communities and mobilizing our creativity to make something out of ANYTHING!  This week’s group poem celebrates that clarity. Enjoy!


by the participants in the Eye to Eye Webinar on Collaboration for Community Accountable Scholars

“We can make something out of anything.”  From the Mothering Ourselves Manifesta distilled from Audre Lorde’s Eye to Eye: Black Women Hatred and Anger


We can make something out of anything.

We can make home out of movement

We can make a movement out of feet stuck in the same mud.


We can make reality out of dreams

We can make family out of distances

We can make eternity out of the shortest stolen moments


We can make mothers out of brothers

We can make mothered mothers mothering abundant out of would-be martyrs suffering  in silence (ourselves)

We can make love out of heartbreaking laws.

We can make delicious banana fritters out of overipe fruit we forgot.

We can make ourselves anew in order to recognize & show up for our brillance…

We can make  difference be the springboard for greatness…

We can make our own cool, cultured collabos!

We can make it ALLL. Right!



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