Just Saying/See You There: Love Languages for Collaboration

23 05 2012

Yesterday was our third Eye to Eye Webinar session on love, faith, difference and communication entitled “The Only Language I Know.”  We shared our poetic clarity about how we communicate differently based on our experiences, our approaches, our fears and our longings and how sometimes words seem to fail us all together.  Our group poem represents our visioning process of creating a space where there is room for everyone we are, and who we are not, and who we might become together.

Just Saying/See You There


By the Brilliance Remastered Eye to Eye Participants

After Audre Lorde’s “At First I Thought You Were Talking About…”

I speak the language of roots up, all the way everything must be changed.

She speaks the language of measurable deliverables.

I speak the language of rainwater-clarification-process-matters.

They speak jampack big words together like a train


I speak the language of here right here at home.

He speaks the language of inevitable uprise class struggle like science.


I speak in things felt a knowing of my bones

He through well thought out equations elaborate logic models

I speak in hope

Him pragmatism


I speak “like me”

She speaks I like you, but not always

She speaks me first. She speaks my kids first. She speaks secrets


I speak 69 years. He speaks FaceBook


I speak plan with flexibility.

They speak plan and stick to it.

I speak student wants and needs

They speak stick to what we need to see only


I speak possible risky let’s do it

they speak practical hedged bet sacrifice

I speak concepts & ideas are real, they are tangible, touchable.

They speak “huh, what you what you talking bout sistah?”


I speak seek the relationship

They speak: seek the product(s)


I speak the language of the academy sometimes

he speaks shyness, grammar of booze and sex

sometimes I speak no grammar language


But I know that:

“Black girls are from the future”[1]  and that

“Everything we do is insignificant. Yet it is incredibly

important that we do it.” [2] And that

Children are full people who have something to say

And that trusting is like tree roots and we reach down, tangled up

And that everything we need is already within us

And that I am who I am doing what I came to do

And that our silence will NOT save us.


SO I am seeking the place where the language of risky radicalism

meets the pragmatism of those who have seen the consequences

the place where afrofuturefearlessness meets blackbloodsoilhistory

the place where we feel whole meets

the place where we are allowed to be prisms of light


the place where faith meets shaking legs


the place where level headed realists can meet starry eyed dreamers

the place where good intentions meet critical implementation

the place where longing meets listening

the place where yes meets i know

the place where why meets when


the place where–as white people–we remember without expectation of forgiveness

we account for what has been lost and stolen

the place where but i have _______ friends, so I couldn’t be __________

meets self introspection


the place where bourgie balancing meets grace

where press and curl meets this is my natural curl


the place where longing children meet absent parents

the place where wholeness meets brokenness

where miracles equal a mere embrace


the place where courage (like jumping into a cold river)

meets self-determination (where are the rocks at the bottom)

the place where the long night meets the pale kiss of morning

the place where water and sky are indistinguishable


the place how i was raised meets raise UP!

the place where can’t get right GETS RIGHT


the place where hope meets salvation

where the souls of the living dance hot and fast in love, light

and treating each other right


the place where the love you always wanted meets the love you always had


See you there.

[1] Renina Weems

[2] Ghandi



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