Be Like: A Poetic Vision of Collaboration

16 05 2012

Yesterday was the second session of the Brilliance Remastered Eye to Eye Webinar on Radical Collaboration for Community Accountable Scholars.
We talked about what is at stake our collaborations, nothing less than the world we want to live in and create together.   We supported each other in holding ourselves to a standard where our collaborations themselves embody the values we have for our future, and where the impact of that collaborative work on US is not sacrificial, but also consistent with the nourishing vision we have for our species on the planet.

We made ourselves poets with this similie standard for what our collaborations can feel like, what our futures can feel like, what our days right now can feel like.

Be Like: A Poetic Vision for Collaboration 

by the participants of the Eye to Eye Webinar on Radical Collaboration for Community Accountable Scholars

like breathing, like recognition, like gratitude

like manna from heaven, free and plentiful for all

like eye contact, like risky breath, like skin

like ease, like willingness, like welcoming

like food on the table, like real justice for all, like freedom

like deep earthy soul bearing funky togetherness

like sisters I never had, like a family we are making everyday

like the joy of decoding a secret language

like celebration, like faces touching, like cherished communion and congratulation

like everyday cheer for your graduation from another insight-filled day of being you

like a shower, refreshed remembrance that I don’t have to be everyone

like a rub on the back looking at me eye to eye

like face to face, foreheads pressed in affirmation

like life sustained, like clean water, like no more premature deaths

like being excited and grateful you exist

like love, like love, like loving

like coming home at last