12 04 2012

Part 2 of my series on June Jordan the architect!

plurale tantum

This entry is by guest author Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Phd.  Alexis is a queer black troublemaker, a black feminist space cadet time-traveler and an inspired embodiment of love. She is the founder of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Planetary Community School and the co-creator of the Mobile Homecoming Project: An Experiential Archive Amplifying Generations of Queer Black Brilliance.  
This article is the 2nd in a 4 part series:
Site 2 The Intersection
Site 3 The Queer Reproduction of Black Life
Site 4 The Presence of the Future

Site 2

The Intersection


Long before Kimberly Crenshaw demarginalized the intersection, black women and other multiply oppressed people were experiencing the intersection as a site of injury.   For Jordan, in 1964 and after, the intersection was not the academic site of nuanced marketability that it has become today in our…

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