Call for Contributions: Every Heart Beat: A Podcast for Whitney Houston

19 02 2012

this is how i know

that skin is thin and bright and precious

that song can be broke

love slice the veins

that beauty is a call

and we are all responsible

-excerpt from Almost Bop for Whitney Houston by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Falling in love is so bittersweet.  The life and death of Whitney Houston offer an emotional, spiritual and political challenge to black feminism.    How do we balance the brilliance of her voice and offer up optimism for her spirit transition while also taking seriously the issues of addiction, relationship violence and the exploitation of black women that continue to harm our communities?   How do we feel about R. Kelly having space at the altar at her funeral?  Is her long time aide and companion Robyn being written out of the story in a way that hides the complexity and depth of black women’s love?

There are many conversations to have and a lot of healing still to do.  The upcoming Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Podcast Every Heart Beat seeks to honor the complexity of a black feminist relationship to Whitney Houston’s life, brilliance and struggles.

Please send your:

  • letters/poems and statements for Whitney
  • messages of healing for all of us who face addiction, interpersonal violence and exploitation
  • and song requests

to by Feb. 27th at 5pm to be included in the podcast.

With love,

Alexis Pauline Gumbs