Rainbow Reclamations Red: “Keep Your Sorry”/Break-Up Poetics

5 07 2011

Sunday July 24th 2011


Inspiration Station, Durham NC (email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail.com for directions)

Dedicated to the broken ground of your healing heart! This session for women of color and and feminists of color who do not conform to the gender binary is about lifting up break-up poetics as necessary and transformative clarity that can help us to create the lives, loves, and spaces we deserve! If you have ever been through a break-up, need to transition a relationship or are in the midst of a relationship transition right n…ow come to this event!

By popular demand and with infinite love WE CONTINUE a seven month process called Rainbowed Reclamation, a colorful women of color juicy poetry and food-filled space of sacred discussions that reclaim our bodies, collectivize our spiritual energy and the brilliant choreopoem For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.

These monthly discussion/rituals are love in practice towards creating a spiritually …aligned, intimately interconnected, queer affirming and self loving community of women of color and genderqueer people of color ready to support each other in transforming the world.

This month’s activity is specifically about visible solidarity as and with sex workers of color. We will be having a ritual and making a banner of belief to place at the site of the Duke Lacrosse House.

*****Please wear RED and bring some food to share if you can. *******

Childcare will be provided!

If you are a woman of color and/or a genderqueer person of color anywhere near Durham…COME! If you are a woman of color and/or a genderqueer person of color anywhere in the world email brokenbeautifulpress@gmail

.com to find out how to host your own event and send folks in North Carolina to us!!! If you are an ally spread the word and please send this to people who need this space!!!!



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