Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Lending and Reference Library! Coming soon!

6 02 2011

Greetings loved ones!!!!

We are in the final stages of opening something called the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Reference and Lending Library in my community (out of my living room) so that people can have access to great books that can inspire and empower them to think about race and gender and sexuality and politics and everything that they may want to think about more.   I’m particularly collecting books that are not in the local libraries and I’ll be having library days starting in March in addition to the events I have here at the Inspiration Station when folks can look at the reference books, scan themselves copies of articles and chapters and borrow the lending collection to take home!

I’m really excited about it.  Since this summer when I started the process over 700 books have been donated!

You can see the books that I have entered so far (about half) here:
You can see the books that we are still “wishing for” on this amazon wishlist:


Hooray! Maybe you’d like to donate some books that you already have?  Email me at brokenbeautifulpress at gmail dot com.  OR maybe you’d like to start your own lending and reference library in your community?  OR if you live in Durham…maybe you’d like me to show you how you can catalog the books that you can share!

Much much love and booklust to everybody!!!




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9 03 2011

Yo! This sounds so exciting! I grew up in Raleigh, so the connection between Bull City and Raleigh was very strong and I still travel to both of those spots when I’m feeling homesick here in Greensboro. To hear this happening is very inspiring! Much love! Much support!


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