Incoming Messages on the Messiness of LOVE from the Juneteenth Freedom Academy

3 12 2010

Greetings loved ones!   For those of you who did not experience the delicious first session of the Juneteenth Freedom Academy on Love Poems here are some highlights from but one of our incredible poetic exercises!

See you next week? Event details here:!/event.php?eid=135017403218949

Voicemail messages after June Jordan….

direct link:

After June Jordan’s  “Resolution #1,003” and “Why I Became a Pacifist and How I Became a Warrior Again”

(transcript of response to Why I Became a Pacifist and How I Became a Warrior Again)

I dare you to listen

to this entire message

My only apology is

to the self I will never again suppress.

I am singing my song and it sounds like

loving every smell every noise every accidental shine

of the self I came to be.

Also known as (sung) yeeeeeesssssssss!

My head clear and open

nobody else’s voice in there

except maybe a lullaby from my grandmother.

And I dare you to keep listening

if you can stand to sit still long enough to hear

an anthem

that praises something other than your sorry ass.

Singing my song feels like hearing my baby’s

heartbeat for the first time…and the more than that

is putting down my shield, laying down my sword

and facing love beautifully naked.

I need space to sing my song and you take up all the space.

I am ready for a room where I can breathe

and sing and smile and take off my clothes.

I live ready for live so

full so loud from my song

so explosive

love so deep and naked and vulnerable


with ALL my nerve

and my sword

and my shield

(sung)  singin’ my war song

Because my song twists and turns in the

autumnal blaze of this battlefield

Because you want to hear the notes turned

inside out

To choose them

To take them home

To sharpen them against a blade

To surrender to them

I will be experiencing





My soul sings with the joy of knowing

I have much more to offer the world than another sorry.

And I dare you to listen to this entire message.

We love you!!!



and p.s. donations are ALWAYS welcome in the form of money, toilet paper, or forks and plates!



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