Wednesdays in December: Juneteenth Freedom Academy on LOVE POEM

23 11 2010

Because love poems make the best presents…come to the Juneteenth Freedom Academy on Revolutionary Love poems Wednesdays at 6pm at the Inspiration Station!  Come to any of these three session…or all three!

The Messiness of Love: Wednesday, December 1st, 6pm

“In your love I am sometimes redeemed

a stranger

to myself.”

Since love cannot actually be described, the best we have is poetry.  June Jordan wrote a whole volume of poems about one break-up, wrote poems about affairs, and awkwardness, and long-distance longing and late mornings and diligently tracked the direction of her own desire with poems like Leaves Blow Backwards, Romance in Irony, Poem Number Two on Bell’s Theorem or The New Physciality of Long Distance Love and more 🙂

Join us to explore Jordan’s poetry, write our own poetry and play delicious fill in the blank games about the uncontainable complexity of LOVE gone right side up upside down, up and away and everywhere all at once.

The Queerness of Love: Wednesday, December 8th, 6pm

“last time I got married was

yesterday (in


Jordan used the incisiveness her her poetic voice to critique the dominant institutions (especially marriage) that are used to understand, mold, shape, kill, or keep love, and to make new spaces for love to grow and move. Come over and queer your ideas of love syllable by syllable!

Love Against Genocide: Wednesday, December 15th, 6pm

Like Jordan our small scale love and our large scale love are intimately connected.  And as June Jordan says “Love is lifeforce.”  We will explore Jordan’s love poem to Fannie Lou Hamer against the, her love poem to Joy Harjo against genocide of African Americans in the southeast US, against the genocide of the Creek nation in North America and explore the love poem as a method of combatting the language and the fact of genocide in our lifetimes.


If you love this idea, feel free to make a love offering

and email to RSVP!!!!!!




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