Making Family: The Poetics of Caring for Each Other Across Generations

23 10 2010

7:00 pm  Friday October 29th

Infinity Diamond Life Empowerment Center

1921 North Pointe Drive
Durham, NC

The MobileHomeComing Project, Infinity Diamond Club and the AARP present an interactive poetic evening where we can talk about how to become family by taking care of each other across, age, ability, illness and transition especially for the Black Same Gender Loving, Queer, Lesbian and Trans community.

How do we take tangible responsibility for our elders and chosen family when it comes to the specific logistics of their care and personal documents?

How do we learn to reach out and ask for help from the family we are creating, in partnership with or instead of our families of origin?

How do we start the difficult conversation of “if something were to happen to me/you” without getting shut down by fear?

We believe that this is a crucial conversation for all of us, because we are all interdependent and at any time might need to step up for each other as caretakers, and might need to reach out for care.

Participate with us in an evening of love letters, role playing, visioning and dreaming.

Much love,
Alexis, Julia, Annie, Priscilla and Mandy




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