The PROUD Podcast: The Visionary HEAT of Black Queer Community

4 10 2010

Lex interviewing Glo at the 3rd Annual Queerky Black Girls Cookout in the Park! (photo by Moya Bailey)

It is officially Fall and the end of Gay Pride Season!  The MobileHomecoming Project has allowed us to relate to PRIDE celebrations in the South with renewed intergenerational intentionality!  I feel so present to my love for Black Queer community I hardly know what to do!  Oh wait! Yes I do!  Create a podcast and a new volume of the Little Black (Feminist) Book Series!

While you are folding laundry or recentering yourself for a revolutionary day take a listen to this podcast dedicated to our Black queer community and all of the complexity of our pride.

The Proud Podcast

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To order your own copy of the beautiful bright orange booklet FIRE (picture soon!) which includes the poem “ShapeShift”, and the essay “Flamboyance” along with several other works inspired by my love for our brilliant black queer community email or paypal 15 bucks (or more you if you can!) to with the note FIRE!  All proceeds benefit the ongoing work of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Educational movement in Durham including the Queer Black Sunday School Series!

*Special thanks to the amazing hip hop producer composers whose work is featured here.  I strongly encourage you all to take a listen to Jett I Masstyr’s “Me and Phillis Forever” based on the beautiful voice of Phyllis Hyman and the Idle Warship Mixtape ad the Cali Fire Commission’s beat-tape and the Stuyvesent’s beat masterpiece all featured on this podcast.

Lex interviewing Holiday. (Photo by Moya Bailey)

dialysis: lucille clifton rebirth broadcast #15

4 10 2010

“I am alive and furious.” We can be grateful that we have survived without sugar-coating the experience of our survival. Lucille Clifton certainly isn’t sugar coating. This week…write about how it really is.​survival-school