Water Sign Woman: Lucille Clifton Rebirth Broadcast #9

22 08 2010

remember what you know.

to see all of the Rebirth Broadcasts to go blackfeministmind.wordpress.com/category/shapeshifting.

and to find out more about the upcoming activities of the Lucille Clifton ShapeShifter Survival School visit

Eternal September: Jewelle Gomez and the Cost of Silence

22 08 2010

(Jewelle Gomez and her Nana, photo by Ann Chapman)

Reconnect with the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Potluck Series on September 2nd at 6pm at the Inspiration Station.    We will be discussing Jewelle Gomez’s “Because Silence is Costly” and discussing what it means for us to speak up intergenerationally and in community.

You can download the reading here: “Because Silence is Costly”

Bring a dish and a friend if you can and your brilliant eternal mind.