Combahee Survival Revival NEXT Week!

17 05 2010


In honor of Sakia Gunn and the Combahee River Collective, Combahee Survival Revival Week in Durham, NC will be a week full of trainings on how to live, eat, work and think sustainably and radically! Featuring fieldtrips, farm workdays, experiments, video making, poetic games, political discussions, writing workshops, healing demonstrations, backyard camp-outs, singing, dancing and bonding, this week will be a preview of Black Feminist Heaven…what our community looks like when we share what we know, turn towards each other and nurture and amplify our exciting interconnections!!!! This process is inspired by the brilliance and legacy of Black feminists on the universe, and everyone of every background who is inspired by that legacy is encouraged to participate!

Get ready for the best week ever!!!!!

Saturday May 22nd– Guerilla Altar Making and Herban Foraging (featuring Zachari Curtis!)

Sunday May 23rd—10 am Sunday School in Honor of Sakia Gunn

3pm Black Girls Rock Concert on the Porch of the Inspiration Station (featuring Laila A.!)

Monday May 24th—Daytrip to Tierra Negra Farm (yay for Tahz and Christina)

Tuesday May 25th—3pm Mamas Gathering @ the Inspiration Station

— 6pm Safe in Our Streets Roundtable on Queer Youth and Safety (featuring the Youth Noise Network @ Durham Media Center)

Wednesday May 26th—(Sakia Gunn’s Birthday)

Afterschool Butterfly Ancestors Workshop at the Museum for Life and Science (featuring Nia Wilson)

Thursday May 27th—Baking Day at Bread Uprising Bakery!!!!!!

Interactive Root Chakra Survival Workshop (featuring Audrey Esquivel and Kifu Faruq)

Friday May 28th—Noontime Oshun Eno River Experience (featuring Kia Carscallen)

(Seneca the teenage philosopher gets to town!!!!!!)

BACKYARD CAMPOUT at the Inspiration Station

Saturday May 29th—Sisters of the Healing Drum Circle (featuring Salsa Soul Sister starting Black Lesbian Elders Harriet Alston and Carolyn Gray)

Pajama Jammy-Jam Featuring your favorite Early 90’s Music at the Summit Spot!

Sunday May 30th—-Brunch and Garden Walk at the Summit Spot

Monday May 31—Work Day at JRuth Farm

If you’d like to support the Combahee Survival Process and you live in or near Durham here are some ways you can be part of the village! Email and let me know how you want to participate!!!

*COME! Participate in the activities, fieldtrips, discussions, backyard camp-out and EVERYDAY shared meals. Bring the whole family!

*FOOD!!!! This is the most crucial way that most people can participate…cook a dish, donate food, donate a gift card to the grocery store or hook us up with goodies/leftovers from the restauraunt that you work for!

*Parental Support-all activities are designed for all ages to participate, but in order to model a parent supportive community we’d like to have non-parent volunteers to help support and look out for the youngest among us so that parents can fully participate in the sessions they attend.
*Rides to fieldtrips..we’ll be going to the Eno River, to Tierra Negra Farm, to the Museum of Life and Science and more. If you can help drive when we carpool that would be awesome. And you’ll get a copy of Lex’s reading Audre Lorde poems on CD to listen to in the car!
*Documentation-THIS is going to be the Best Week Ever!!!! Help us document by taking pictures or video.
*Photocopies-if you can make photocopies at your job as an official or unofficial inkind donation…let me know!

***Much needed supplies:

For out of town guests, sleepovers and the backyard campout we’ll need to borrow

air mattresses

sleeping bags


*This event is designed for Durham residents and with Durham at heart, but some members of the Durham diaspora and potential Durham recruits will be in town for the festivities.   Let me know if you’d like to host someone from out of town.

We’ll also be using a lot of

*t-shirts and other clothing ready to be transformed

*printer ink

*acrylic t-shirt transfers from office depot (get the ones for t-shirts of color)

*DV tape (digital video tape)

*Medium trash bags
*Toilet paper
*misc. art supplies
*big post-it paper
*pens and pencils

Email to volunteer or to find out more!!!!!



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