Get the 12 Days Digital Video when you Sign Up to Sustain the MobileHomeComing Project!

9 04 2010
Hey Family!

Hear and see and feel the love between Lex and Julia when you sign up to sustain the MobileHomeComing project and get your own digital copy of the 12 Days video Lex made from 12 of love poems to Julia.  (So far only Lex’s mom and the audiences of Mangos with Chili’s Love, Sex and Disaster Show in the Bay Area have seen it!)

Because we know you believe in the MobileHomeComing project we have created a way for our chosen family to become monthly sustainers of the MobileHomeComing Project.  If you have $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 or $100 or if you know a secret about Oprah and can get her to donate a grand a month…etc. etc. etc.  then YOU can be one of our monthly sustainers providing MobileHomeComing Pocket Money so that our project can be consistently sustainable and ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU directly!  Monthly sustainers will allow us to prioritize the intellectual labor of creating media and events to amplify Queer Black Community across generations across this land mass! It will also help with regular costs like sustainable fuel, art supplies, stamps, huge sheets of paper, bandwidth, DV tapes, C47s (aka clothespins) etc.

As a monthly sustainer you will also be a MobileHomeComing VIP for life which means you will get preview video footage and audio samples from our journey sent directly to your inbox, special goodies as we pilot MobileHomeComing fashion line (oh yes….hats, t-shirts, buttons and sneakers inspired by Queer Black resilience!) AND special access to celebrations and screenings when the film comes out!!!!!
YAY!!!!!!  So to become our favorite relative pocket-money providing chosen family member today by becoming a monthly sustainer  click on the button below that makes sense to you and you’ll get your digital copy of the video in your inbox!!!!!:

Become a monthly sustainer

OF COURSE we also welcome one time gifts to make a one time gift visit: (And if you do it in April we’ll send the 12 Days Audio track to you digitally!)

And to find out more about our (often hilarious) journey to find an RV check out this video:

Revolutionary Vehicle: The Field Trip Revolutionary Vehicle: The Field Trip

About this video:
“Help Lex and Julia find a free RV. Share this video with everyone you know!
Lex and Julia”

Also, in case you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the project in motion:
Here is a video overview of the project:

MobileHomeComing: Here We Go! MobileHomeComing: Here We Go!

About this video:
“The divine and delicious journeys of Lex and Julia!”

Click here to see video of participant feedback from the Release and Renew Healing Cirlce/Replay Event in Atlanta:

Renew and Release: The MobileHomeComing Presents A Healing Circle Renew and Release: The MobileHomeComing Presents A Healing Circle

About this video:
“The beautiful people of Atlanta gathered at MotherHouse for a beautiful New Year’s day healing circle…brought to you by the MobileHomeComing, here is what folks had to say during the afterglow. :)”

and  Click here to check out our first audio documentary with Salsa Soul’s Harriet Alston and Carolyn Gray in Durham NC:

lex and julia



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