Introduction Part 1: 1979

8 03 2010

Greetings loved ones,

Bit by bit we keep it going.  Here is part 1 of the introduction to my dissertation entitled 1979.  This was also the basis of the first Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Podcast (with the same name) which you can listen to here.  Thanks for everyone’s loving affirmation of the Prologue and the great conversations you all have blessed me with in the past week!  Looking forward to more!

Here is the pdf: Introduction Part 1: 1979

(direct link:

Here is the podcast version:  1979

Infinite love!




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15 03 2010
15 03 2010
15 03 2010
22 03 2010

Absolutely beautiful! I loved it! Glad you decided to make it into a podcast. I know adding the music took some time. I guess in a way you’re right, it died in 79. If we had to put an end-date on it. Interesting to hear some of your projections for new possibilities at the end -does Michell’e victory garden connect? Um…I unno. Still, in the 21st century, with our hyperconnectivity, there are still some possibilities for a much larger impact of black feminism/womanism.

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