Anger is Useful!: New Podcast and Introducing the Little Black (Feminist) Book Series!

26 01 2010

Who’s afraid of the Angry Black Woman? Well BE AFRAID because Angry Black Women are speaking our minds and transforming the world in the service of our vision.  Oppression beware the well-directed rage of Black feminism!

This week for your listening and reading pleasure we have the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN edition of the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Podcast Series!  As always, we start with the brilliance of our ancestors…meditating on the poetic of rage in June Jordan’s angry letters to racist editors and including reflections from Nia Wilson, Mai’a Williams, Moya Bailey, Daria Bannerman and the young visionaries at New Horizon’s Alternative School…plus as always music that rocks (including a track from the genuis Jon Anonymous project by Durham’s own Shirlette Ammons!)

And while you’re at it…download or subscribe to the podcasts on itunes (search “brokenbeautiful press” in podcasts and we’ll be all up in your eardrum!)

And just because my anger about racism, and sexism and gendered violence is based in my deep deep love for YOU and the world we deserve…BrokenBeautiful Press is happy to present The Little Black (Feminist) Book Series Volume 1: RAGE.  Including that essay on June Jordan’s Angry Letters and 4 other classic angry blogposts from the    It’s pocket-sized in case you need to hand it to someone who clearly doesn’t get it.  Get one on deck with a donation of 15 bucks or more all proceeds go to the Community Sustained Educational programming from Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind!

Be sure to note that you want the RAGE book and be sure to include your correct mailing address. (Or just holler at me if you have the divine insight to live in Durham.)  There are only 20 so get yours soon 🙂



3 responses

30 01 2010
Ari Chagoya

also check out my blog

I am a chicana lesbian and do the queer frontier podcast radio show and we hope to be on the air at local community radio station here in Little Rock , Arkansas. Sisters here are moving in the same direction. Stay strong and thank you for your work.-Ari

30 01 2010

Ari!!!! How wonderful! I checked out your blog and we are SO kindred spirits. Did you come to our Sweets for the Sweets workshop at Fire and Ink? Let’s collaborate!

31 01 2010
Ari Chagoya

I was at Fire and Ink!! I have some photos and audio from some of the owrkshops but Im waiting to to hear from everybody because i dont own the rights nor do I want to. We have a question of what to do with them.I just feel like things need to be documented. We are too important not to…Us queers of color are moving at light speed and we are leading the LGBT and Black and Latino liberation movements. Asheamenamujer!

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