Be Bold. Be Re(a)d.: Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Podcast #4

30 10 2009

3 years ago women of color came together and transformed terror on Halloween, declaring October 31st Be Bold Be Red Day, a day for women of color and allies to speak out against violence against women.  And 30 years ago women of color came together to respond to violence in the same critical and poetic spirit.

Towards the world the we all deserve, fully transformed from the misogyny and internalized racism we face in popular music to the frightening expendability of the lives and bodies of women of color this podcast places the brave voices of women telling the truth about gendered violence over the remixed sounds of Miles Davis.  This year we take every sound back, starting with our own voices and the background that seeks to silence them.

Listen with your community, your class, your friends, your study group, your church, your crew, pass the link on or listen by yourself and see, hear and wear red.

listen here

or download here:



3 responses

30 10 2009
31 10 2009

I am deeply inspired by your actions and by the bravery, courage, it takes to raise your voice in the silence of fear. I am more aware and motivated by the struggles shared by women of color throughout the US and the world and want to make an impact in preventing violence towards women.

31 10 2009

hi Alexis–haven’t listened yet, but I will…will be wearing red…I have tons of red in my closet…tons…coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, shirts, shoes, purses, glasses, earrings…

i feel sick to my stomach about Miles Davis…it’s like one by one the creative genuises I once completely delighted in are turning out to be predators, and once I know someone is a predator, I can’t listen to their music or go to their films anymore…I just can’t…

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