1979: First Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Podcast

12 08 2009


Check out our FIRST EVER PODCAST as part of the BrokenBeautiful Press educational campaign “Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind.”  Black Feminism LIVES by every means necessary.

What does it take to survive a year like 1979?

This first podcast is about the year 1979 and how the world, and black feminism began and ended in some crucial ways that year. With the election of Ronald Reagan, the Boston Murders, the Atlanta Child Murders and the Greensboro Massacre all attacking the the lives, minds and spirits of black women 1979 was a crucial year.  This podcast focuses on how Audre Lorde, Alexis DeVeaux, June Jordan and Barbara Smith reach(ed) across time and space to transform the meaning of survival.  (And there is some good period appropriate and anachronistic music too!)


download here:

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p.s.  Sorry about the moments of outburst distortion.  A sista is clearly super exuberantly excited about black feminism and promises to stay a little further away from the mic on podcast number two! 🙂



4 responses

12 08 2009

I love how you are taking over media from blogs, to video, to podcasts! I love how you are educating me and the world just by being you and doing what you do. I love the emphasis on survival and liberation. I love learning about who has come before and how they have led the way. I love your excitement about black feminism! Thank you thank you thank you! love, yashna

26 08 2009

Very powerful podcast, I hope you know how much your blog resonates with us queer women in Lebanon. Much love and solidarity.

8 09 2009
Back to Beautiful: The Fall Update and Summer Recap!!! « brokenbeautiful press

[…] with amazing music, poetry and information!  Scroll down or click here to download or listen to 1979 and Meditations on the Rainbow. I just recently got word that sistas in Kenya are using the […]

19 11 2009

I just came across this while looking through your archives. Thank you thank you thank you for doing this and for putting it on-line and for keeping this part of herstory alive!

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