Combahee Survival: Black Feminist Inspiration and Revival Politics for All

5 10 2008

In 1977 a group of black, lesbian, socialist, feminist writers and thinkers created a groundbreaking statement of their beliefs that made a new intersectional political analysis thinkable. The work of the Combahee River Collective survives everywhere where organizers, artists and visionaries insist that “the major systems of oppression are interlocking.” Today, right here, a crew of young troublesome queer black feminists are invoking this statement in a poetic project designed to celebrate and instigate a survival/revival process for diverse movements of radical and progressive people everywhere.

BrokenBeautiful Press is proud to present the Combahee Survival: Revival Politics Project!


*A set of creative exercises designed to see where our movements for radical change are today.

*A free copy of The Combahee River Collective Statement to use in study groups and classrooms.

*An invitation to submit poems, collages, etc. to the Combahee Survival Zine

*Links to amazing black feminist and women of color-led projects going on now!



One response

6 11 2008
Marian's Blog

Hi! This is great. Thanks for this blog; please link to me. Major Props to CYNTHIA MCKINNEY & ROSA CLEMENTE for running – as the historic, first-ever Afrodescendant Women of the Americas team – for U.S. president and vice president on the U.S. Green Party ticket. FYI: I tried downloading the Combahee River Statement (boy, bring back 70s-80s memories!) but the link doesn’t work. Help? From Nov 4th 2008 we need to be studying the McKinney-Clemente campaign and how it was treated locally, nationally, internationally, as a lens to focus on Combahee and Black feminism (*of/in the Americas) of today. Thanks again…

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